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Botox has gotten a lot of press, both positive and negative. It is often associated with botulism, or food poisoning, but that’s not really correct.


Botox is a highly purified protein that is derived from the bacteria Clostridium Botulinum, which causes food poisoning. To contract food poisoning, the actual botulism has to be directly introduced into the body.


With Botox Cosmetic, no bacteria are introduced into the body. Instead, the purified protein of the bacteria is introduced in very, very low doses. We realize this sounds a bit technical, but it’s an important distinction.

So we’ll repeat it: No toxin is introduced into your body. Instead, a purified protein of the bacteria is injected. Very big difference.


Botox is the most commonly used non-invasive cosmetic procedure performed. Literally, millions of injections have been given in its 25-year history, and not one single reported death.


Of course, there are risks with any drug, but Botox’s safety record even beats that of aspirin. And there are few, if any, side effects.


Your biggest concern with Botox injections should be the experience of the practitioner. This single handedly determines how natural you look!



With Dr. Knoell, you have 17 years of experience working for you

to give you the natural look you want.

The Botox Myth Of A Frozen Face


This is probably one of the biggest myths about Botox!


Facial muscles are used to show emotion. That’s their purpose. But constant use of expression muscles cause crow’s feet, deep forehead lines, and “parentheses” around the mouth.


Botox partially weakens these muscles, which is a good thing, because it means a smoother, more youthful look. With continued use, you will need Botox less frequently, saving you money.


Can you get a frozen look with Botox? With an inexperienced provider who uses too much or improperly injects the product—yes!


An experienced, reputable dermatologist like Dr. Knoell will make sure that you walk out the door looking like you, only better.

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The biggest factor to keeping a smooth appearance depends largely on adherence to a maintenance schedule, but the average is about four months, with noticeable results within 24 hours

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How Long Do The Effects Of Botox Last?

The biggest factor to keeping a smooth appearance depends largely on adherence to a maintenance schedule, but the average is about four months, with noticeable results within 24 hours.


Think of Botox treatments like exercise. If you work out consistently, you see results. But if you lapse, you have to re-build what you lost.


The same is true for Botox treatments. If you allow the wrinkle to return 100% before getting another injection, then you probably are not going to see any long-term lengthening effect.


However, regular treatments often mean that you do not have to get injections as often! It’s much more cost-effective to keep up with your maintenance treatments; it pays you back.


Beware of The Botox Knock Off!


You’ve seen them, haven’t you? Ads for Botox treatments shouting, “Injections as low as $8!” All we can say is, buyer beware! That’s because so much of the cheap Botox you see advertised comes from overseas.


When that happens, quality control is lost.


  • Where did the product come from?
  • How was it stored or maintained?
  • How do you know if it’s the real deal?

Lured by cheap pricing, customers often will actually pay more for Botox treatments. Why? Because more product is injected to compensate for lower prices. When this happens, the chance of side effects dramatically increases.


This is a gross misuse and a violation of your trust. Botox was designed to be used in small, controlled doses, not large quantities!


Our Botox is the genuine article, which means it is potent, so we use less of it. You get terrific results for a lot less money and a whole lot less worry.


You can always be assured that we are working on your behalf for the highest quality product with the most ethical providers.


Your health and your trust are paramount to us! We wouldn’t have it any other way. 


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