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Welcome to Valley Dermatology, 

the Shenandoah Valley’s Premier Dermatology Skincare Clinic!

For over 17 years, Dr. Knoell has practiced general dermatology right here in the Valley, offering a wide range of dermatological skincare services for the whole family.


We know that when you have a skin disorder, it can feel very scary! Dr. Knoell makes sure to talk with you in a way that makes you feel comfortable and supported, answering all your questions.


Questions like:

  • “What caused this?”
  • “How will you treat it?”
  • “Can it be treated?”
  • “Will it come back?”


That’s what you can expect from one of the best dermatologists in the area.


With his extensive training, our patients have long benefitted from Dr. Knoell’s vast expertise and compassion. His patients know—and you will, too—that you are treated as the unique person you are, not a number.

Dr. Knoell was voted one of the best dermatologists in central Virginia

               by Virginia Living magazine for the years 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016.                                                              

Skin Disorders That We Treat

As a local dermatologist, Dr. Knoell and his staff know that during the course of your life, your skin can present many different challenges.


These are some of the most common skin disorders and conditions we see. Although, we treat other skin disorders not mentioned here.

Let’s take a quick look at each of them.

Valley Dermatology




Whether you’re 15 or 50, acne is no fun! It has a significant impact on a person’s self-esteem.

Dr. Knoell has extensive experience successfully treating acne of all ages. From mild to severe cases, Valley Dermatology uses the appropriate treatment for your acne.

rosacea dermatologist, Dr. Keith Knoell

Acne Rosacea

The common rosacea symptoms you see most often include a butterfly redness that spreads across your cheeks and nose. It also includes acne-like break outs. Rosacea skin is easily irritated and often feels sore.


But did you know that rosacea can be sneaky and affect your eyes, too? Eyes can become dry, itchy, gritty and irritated.


While rosacea cannot be cured, it can be successfully treated. Learn more about the best treatments for rosacea and how Dr. Knoell can help.


Skin Cancers

Skin cancer affects more than one million Americans every year. If we say it once, you’ll hear us say it many times, wear sunscreen!

Why? It’s a myth that only fair-skinned people need to be concerned about the sun. If you are in the sun, you are at risk for skin cancer. 


Please take the real possibility of skin cancer seriously. We do and we treat you for it quickly!


Not sure if you should see a dermatologist about that funny looking mole? Or you don’t know the symptoms of skin cancer? Check out our Skin Cancer Look Up page.

Skin Cancer Dermatologist, Waynesboro VA


This is another skin condition that causes self-esteem issues. Affecting as many as 7.5 million people each year in the U.S., psoriasis is a genetic disease that does not have a cure. However, we offer psoriasis treatments that help to minimize symptoms and speed up healing.

Cosmetic Dermatology, Waynesboro, VA

Cosmetic Dermatology

From fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and sagging, Dr. Knoell can treat many aspects of aging and sun damage. We offer Botox and Restylane to restore volume and fullness that time takes away.


Restylane is an injectable hyaluronic acid gel that corrects the loss of facial fullness and treats wrinkles. Botox is a respected anti-aging injectable that softens lines around your eyes, lips, and between your brows.


Under Dr. Knoell’s experienced hand, you can regain a youthful appearance!



Eczema is an immune response to factors such as soaps, clothing, and even the weather! Marked by dry and red patches, eczema itches and worsens when scratched. It can occur anywhere on your body, and if scratched repeatedly, skin may become thick and leathery.


Although we don’t why, we do know that over-the-counter creams can make the condition worse. To effectively treat eczema, Dr. Knoell will talk with you and prescribe the correct topical medication to ease uncomfortable symptoms.

The more you know about your specific skin condition,

the more comfortable you will feel about Dr. Knoell’s ability to treat you.

Melasma Dermatologist, Dr. Keith Knoell


Melasma is characterized by brown patches on the forehead and cheeks. It can also affect the chin and upper lip. The cause of melasma is unknown, however, dermatologists believe that there is a hormonal component because women are more susceptible. (Men can get melasma, too. it’s just less common.)


For example, women who have given birth often develop it. Menopause or a change in contraception can also trigger melasma, even sun exposure. Valley Dermatology offers topical treatments for melasma to diminish and fade its appearance.


Seborrheic Keratosis

You know seborrheic kerotosis by its common names of warts and moles, although there are variations of it. Generally non-cancerous, moles and warts can occur almost anywhere on your body. For some reason, they usually appear during middle age or later.

Get warts and moles checked periodically and removed if there are changes to the size, color, and shape.


Actinic Keratosis

Actinic keratoses are common skin growths that are generally pre-cancerous. They are usually caused by years of exposure to UV rays from tanning beds and/or the sun. You definitely want these removed to prevent the development of skin cancer!


actinic keratosis, seborrheic keratosis

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